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Services for industries and research institutions

This section is suited for:

  • Industries
    • Industries targeting the veterinary or human medical anesthesia & pain management market
    • Industries developing anesthesia & analgesia related pharmaceuticals, equipment, devices, and monitors
  • Academic or industry-based biotechnology & biomedical research entities
  • Academic or similar research laboratories requesting high quality anesthesia and analgesia management

The public awareness and expectations regarding animal welfare have grown tremendously both in North-America and Europe. This applies also to animals involved in biomedical research. Specialists in veterinary anesthesia can offer here effective solutions in optimizing research outcome by offering assistance in providing advanced anesthesia and analgesia care. We at NARKOVET CONSULTINGĀ® also have the expertise to consult industries on drug, biomedical device, and equipment development in the area of anesthesia, analgesia, and intensive care medicine and test pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices in animal models.