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Our Mission

A key objective of NARKOVET CONSULTING® is building long-term partnerships with veterinary health care providers, animal parks, and research institutions in life animal sciences, which all share one goal, i.e. providing ‘state-of-the-art’ anesthesia and analgesia care animals deserve. The internet consultation platform will give interested parties easy and immediate access to experts in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia.

NARKOVET CONSULTING® is committed to promoting advanced anesthesia and pain care through building, training and counseling of anesthesia teams equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to apply appropriate and species-specific techniques of anesthesia and analgesia in any veterinary health care or biomedical research setting.

Our Vision

At NARKOVET CONSULTING® we believe that in order to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills for delivering high-quality, safe and efficient anesthesia & analgesia care, those primarily tasked with delivering anesthesia care (i.e. often young veterinarians early in their professional career and veterinary nurses/animal health or laboratory technicians providing assistance in anesthetic management) should be learning from and in continued exchange with specialists in veterinary anesthesia, and this both in the seminar room and in clinical practice.

A well-trained anesthesia team will facilitate the performance of many diagnostic, surgical, or experimental procedures and satisfies the clients’ demands for optimizing the anesthesia experience and reducing pain and stress of the animals they treat or work with. As a result, a well-functioning anesthesia team helps running the practice, hospital, or research laboratory operation smoothly and contributes to the overall success of the client’s organization.