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North American Hands-on Workshop In Techniques of Loco-Regional Anesthesia & Analgesia in Small Animals

For: Individual small animal veterinary practices/hospitals

about 5 years, from October 01, 2016 to September 30, 2021

Course description

In the past 2 decades local and regional anesthetic and analgesia (LRAA) techniques have gained increasingly more popularity as a very effective method of perioperative pain management, initially predominantly in human anesthesia but more recently also in small animal practice. The 3-day training course (2-day courses are an option as well) is primarily addressing veterinarians and their staff with interest in deepening their knowledge in Small Animal LRAA and offering their canine and feline patients advanced methods of pain therapy throughout the perioperative period. We will conduct this training program locally in your own veterinary practice or hospital environment following a discussion with the practice/hospital leadership. The workshop provides the veterinary staff the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most common techniques of LRAA through a combination of overview lectures and specific exercise sessions. The goals of the workshop are: (a) refreshing the basic knowledge of LRAA-relevant neuroanatomy; (b) providing participants with an overview of the basic principles and functions of the equipment used in LRAA (ultrasound technology and probes, neurostimulators for electrolocation of peripheral nerves); (c) demonstrating and discussing the various LRAA methodologies (including aspects of pharmacology and toxicology of local anesthetic and adjuvant drugs) and related anatomical landmarks and possible complications; and (d) guiding the participants during the exercise sessions when they begin practicing various LRAA techniques in cadavers and teaching objects. At the end of the workshop, the participants should have acquired the practical knowledge and skill set necessary to successfully implement LRAA techniques in their clinical practice. Continued education credits will be requested if desired. A more detailed layout of a 3-day workshop can be found below. Dependent on local circumstances, Narkovet ConsultingĀ® may apply for RACE credits upon request. Programs for 2-day workshops will be designed in collaboration with the leadership of the individual practice/hospital based on specific training needs.

Course location

Individual small animal veterinary practices/hospitals.

Course program and Registration